We’ve included here helpful references for caring for patients with cancer.  For questions or additional information, please contact our medical directors:

NamePositionPhone #:
Christos A. Galanopoulos, MDVice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Renown Institute for Cancer775-982-6270
James B. Harris, MDSurgery, Medical Director of Commission on Cancer Accreditation and Quality775-323-7500
Michael Hardacre, MDOncology, Medical Director of Radiation Therapy775-982-4000
James R. Cohen, MDOncology, Medical Director of Infusion Services775-982-4000
Craig M. Sande, MDGastroenterology, Medical Director for Gastrointestinal Cancer775-329-4600
John H. Ganser, MDSurgery, Medical Director for Thoracic Cancer775-323-7500
Brian E. Juell, MDSurgery, Medical Director for Breast Cancer775-324-0288

For additional information about our programs, call (775) 982-4000.

Cancer Conference Calendars