Secure Web-Based Services to Streamline Work Flow

What exactly can HealthConnect do for physicians? It allows physicians to screen patient information from the office, home, or wherever Internet access is available. It performs clinical tasks and business routines, and provides ready access to dictated reports, radiology images and reports, and Hometown Health referral and claims information. Most important, HealthConnect is a secure way to access Renown information.

With HealthConnect, you can access Hometown Health information like referral authorizations, claims, reconsiderations, physician directories, and notifications, and you can search ICD-9 and CPT codes. Clinical information is also available including the online version of the PACS system called MagicWeb. Any digital image and report is available from all Imaging locations. All of this happens over the Internet and is secured to the highest standards.

Subscribe to HealthConnect

Subscribing to HealthConnect is easy. All it takes is three easy steps:

  • Apply: To apply please fill out the attached HealthConnect User Confidentiality Agreement and fax to 775-982-4513.
  • Install: Once your account is setup, you will be contacted with a username and password. If you have trouble with a certificate please call 775-982-4042.
  • Learn: You can contact your designated Hometown Health Provider Relations Representative.


Read on to learn more about these HealthConnect services, offered through Cynthus ATG:

Picture Archival Communication System (PACS)

PACS allows you to access digitally-processed radiology or cardiac images while at the hospital. HealthConnect allows access to the internet version of the in-hospital PACS system, called MagicWeb. This requires a high-speed Internet connection and Pentium 400+ computer with 256MB of RAM. All digital images from any Renown Imaging location are available through MagicWeb. Included is the ability to view and print reports through MagicWeb.

Electronic Signature Authentication

The electronic signature authentication allows you to view transcribed documents and send messages to the transcription department, and edit and electronically sign patient documents and images from your office, home or the hospital.

Submitting Claims to Hometown Health

With HealthConnect, physicians and their office staff can instantly access EOB information, directly submit claims to Hometown Health and quickly review the status of claims.

By taking advantage of the “claims submit” feature, you can submit your bills to HealthConnect, which are posted for viewing. Hometown Health then processes the accepted claims and posts them in HealthConnect for your review. A standard management system or billing system that saves claims in NSF or HIPAA 837 format is required for submitting all claims. The first step in claims submittal is to send a test file to Cynthus ATG. After approval, you will be able to submit all future claims electronically.

Referral and Verification Features

With HealthConnect, you have instant access to view all the various means of referrals: primary care referrals, specialist referrals, inpatient referrals and outpatient referrals. The status of each is updated the moment it is changed by the patient’s referral specialist or case manager. This referral system also provides the ability to print referrals, view all referrals at once and filter referrals by patient name, date, referring physician or status.

HealthConnect also offers an established five-step referral process by which you can check a patient’s eligibility and quickly direct information to the insurer’s referral specialist. All referral inquiries and information are secured with the latest technology.

Accessing Information

With HealthConnect, you can access helpful information quickly and easily. With your own ID and password, you can view pending results and search for a patient name in both current and archived data. With another click you can view the Physicians’ Directory that lists physicians, hospital and other providers contracted with Hometown Health or Senior Care Plus. Another resource is an online directory of ICD-9 Codes and CPT Codes.

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