Welcome to Renown!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Renown Health family! Today is the beginning of your Virtual New Employee Orientation and we couldn’t be more excited to get started. Below you’ll find a list of requirements and resources available to you, as well as a timeline of what to expect on your first few days of employment.

For assistance with anything related to your Virtual New Employee Orientation, please contact Bekah Patton, Employee Experience Specialist, for in-the-moment help.
Bekah Patton – bekah.patton@renown.org or 775-982-6303

The intent of this Virtual New Employee Orientation guide is to walk you through the first days of employment with Renown. In order to complete your orientation, you’ll need access to a computer, and reliable internet (with any internet browser except Safari) and telephone connections. If you do not have access to one of these requirements, you must inform your HR Representative.

The time needed to complete the virtual assignments for New Employee Orientation is approximately 8 hours. If you’re finding that the required orientation is taking longer than expected, please contact your Leader. Your Leader’s contact information can be found on the New Employee Schedule you received at your onboarding appointment with Human Resources.

Note: Log in to access your virtual orientation modules by noon (12PM) on your start date. If you have any difficulty, contact Julia Miod, Training Coordinator, for immediate assistance.

Complete Steps 1 – 2 today (your start date)

Complete Steps 3 within the next two weeks
Complete Steps 4 at your own pace

New Employee Onboarding Requirements

Step 1: Complete Human Resources Onboarding Appointment on your start date.  At this appointment, you will complete your I9 form and provide your form of government-issued identification.  You will receive the following information:

  • Your Badge
    • Your ID badge is for building access and timekeeping.  Wear your badge on the upper half of your body while working.
  • New Employee Schedule
    • Informs when, where and who to report to after completing virtual orientation.
    • Some positions require additional training (I.e. electronic medical record training, competency validation, etc.).  Most of which are taking place virtually right now.  This schedule outlines additional training dates/times as well.
      • If your training schedule indicates virtual training in your first few weeks of employment, you will receive the details to access the virtual training via email.  It will be sent to your personal and Renown email address from the applicable training teams.
  • Complete I9
    • At your onboarding appointment on your start date, you will finish your onboarding paperwork. You will need to bring the following to this appointment:
      • Government-issued identification to complete your I-9. Refer here for a list of what qualifies as appropriate forms of documentation.

Step 2: Complete Virtual New Employee Orientation from home.  Once your onboarding appointment is complete, return home to begin virtual orientation.  You can access all of the virtual orientation materials through the New Employee Onboarding portal, using the following link: https://medicalprofessionals.renown.org/onboardingportal/

Virtual New Employee Orientation is provided through the Online Learning Academy (OLA).  You have access to OLA on your first day of employment and will find your assignments ready for you to complete, using the following link:


Completing your E-Lessons

Step 4: Attend job specific training and department onboarding based on your new employee schedule.

  • The majority of job specific training is currently being hosted virtually through multiple venues.  Defer to your New Employee Schedule, provided at your HR onboarding appointment, for specific dates/times.  Additional details will be sent to you from the specific training teams as needed.
    • For troubleshooting resources with any of the virtual training venues see the links below.
      • GoTo Webinar (Webcast) and GoTo Training
      • Skype
        • For those that will be working from home or attending training via Skype, it is an invaluable communication tool used at Renown. These guidelines will help with initial setup with Skype from your personal computer and educate you on proper business etiquette when conferencing
      • Microsoft Teams
        • The newest tool in our collaboration lineup, MS Teams is the pinnacle of one-stop-shop instant connection. Take a look at the quick-start guide to learn the basics about chatting, meeting and sharing files with your teammates
      • Contact List
        • If you need to reach out to a specific trainer for help, this list will include all contact information for the training teams in the following disciplines: Electronic Medical Record training (Epic), Nursing Education, Revenue Cycle Training, and Medical Assistant Training.
      • Work-From-Home 101
        • Resources for remote workers to help with integration into your new role while working remotely.
        • This quick guide provides you with tips and tricks to easily work from home, while increasing focus and limiting distractions.
      • Windows Login Information
        • Log on information will be provided to your directly from your leader.  This log in information will allow access to your Renown Health profiles to begin work, especially if needed to work remotely.
      • Working Onsite – Daily Healthcare Worker Screening Form
      • Benefit Enrollment
        • The relationship with employees is our foundation for success as we proceed with our strategic direction. We strive to build upon this solid partnership by offering a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that meets the diverse need of our employees and their families. Full-time and part-time employees will need to log into Kronos to submit their benefit enrollment or declination. Employees can access the Enrollment Guide that will walk through step-by-step on how to enroll in benefits.

Step 5: Additional Information and Resources
If you haven’t already received one, you can download a copy of the 2020 Employee Benefits booklet by clicking here. It outlines all available Renown-offered benefits and programs. We encourage you to take full advantage of the provided packages – if you have any questions, you may contact a Professional Benefits Counselor at 800-229-3642. You can schedule your appointment starting April 13th.

Watch the Videos

View our onboarding videos for rewards, recognition and professional development.

Review the Marketplace Notice­­

The Marketplace Notice is for informational purposes regarding medical benefits at Renown.­­

Illness Information

We want all employees to be safe and protect our patients and community. Employees should not come to work if they are ill with a cough, fever or shortness of breath. If employees are suspected to be ill, their leader will send them home to recuperate. Employees who call out of work because they are sick will not have an occurrence counted against them. If employees have sick family members in their household with respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath) they should also not come to work.

We’re so happy to have you join us and want you to be successful in your new role. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to having you on board!